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Child´s Lottery History from Spain / Three Wise Men Lottery



History of the Children´s Lottery


Three Wise Men History - Extraordinary Child´s Lottery Draw



Although some refer the beginning of this draw to the 19th century, the first documented note of the celebration of the ´El Niño´ Extraordinary Draw dates back to 1941 when the Director of Stamp and Monopolies made it official. Thanks to the success of its completion, the decision was made to repeat the draw and carry it out in an institutionalized manner. The first issue counted 4 series of 42,000 tickets each, very far from the current draw which consists of 50 series of 100,000 numbers each. Likewise, in its beginnings each bill had a value of 150 pesetas, consequently each tenth to 15 pesetas.

Some records indicate that it was María del Carmen Hernández y Espinosa de los Monteros, Duchess of Santoña, who created these draws in 1879 to finance a children´s hospital where the boys and girls could receive free care. According to historians, the Duchess was known for helping the most disadvantaged and it was in that year that she proposed to build a hospital specializing in children´s health. Given the lack of resources to carry out the ´Jesus Child Asylum and Hospital´, they chose to hold a draw to seek additional funding to meet the expenses of the campus, calling the draw ´National Child´s Lottery Draw´. Although it was established that the draw would be held annually, in 1881 the State canceled all existing draws in the territory.

Other data locate the draws since 1908 when the number 03.897 was awarded in the town of Fermoselle, Zamora, ensuring that since then the games were popularly known as ´El Niño´ due to the proximity to the Epiphany of the Lord or the Adoration of the Child by the Magos del Oriente, but it was not until 1941 when it became official by General Fernando Roldán, Director of Stamp and Monopolies.


The first draw of the Lotería del Niño / Child´s Lottery

In the first draw for ´El Niño / Child´s Lottery´ a total of 166,668 lottery tickets were sold, leaving a total collection of more than 25 million pesetas that represented a profit of 7,700,300 pesetas for the State. The first prize awarded 500,000 pesetas per serie tenth set, in the celebration of the first draw the highest prize was held in Seville. A year after that first draw, the issue had 3 series of 56,000 lottery tickets each, at 250 pesetas per lottery ticket. Each Lottery Ticket (tenth) went from 15 to 25 pesetas and the refunds began to be granted.

In 1946 the draw began to give bonuses for termination and refund, and 20 years later the name ´El Niño´ was established. Likewise, in 1966 the multiple drum system began to be used, the same system that is still used today. Despite the fact that the draw was always linked to the Adoration of the Child, it was not until 1999 that the Child´s Lottery began to be held on January 6 instead of 5. The celebration of the draw has always been held in the capital, except in 2012 when it was held in Cádiz on the occasion of the Bicentennial of the Constitution of 1812.

Currently, the Lotería del Niño (the Child´s Draw) is held every January 6 at the Madrid Lottery Draw Room, distributing 700 MILLION EUROS in prizes. This draw is presented as the second most important draw of the National Lottery, it consists of 50 series of 100,000 numbers each, in total it distributes more than 37 thousand prizes per series with a first prize of 2 million euros per series, 200 thousand euros per Lottery Ticket (tenth). According to official data, the chances of El Niño playing are tripled compared to the Christmas Lottery.

The Lottery Tickets (tenths) of the Lotería del Niño will be available from the first weeks of November and all the details will be available in The Golden Witch. You will be able to acquire your winning combination in any of our digital platforms, do not miss the opportunity to win any of the thousands of prizes available by this notorious National Lottery Draw.




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