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Child´s Lottery Statistics 2021


Child´s Lottery Statistics


The Child´s Lottery has become the second most important draw of the National Lottery, those who do not reach the Christmas Prize seek to get Good Luck for this draw which hands out 700 million euros in prizes. The total issuance of this important Draw is 1,000,000,000 euros, 50 series / a set of ten lottery tickets of 100,000 numbers each. Choosing a combination among so many numbers can be overwhelming, which is why many people resort to consulting the most awarded numbers in order to seek inspiration and thus choose the Lottery Ticket (tenth) that can be awarded by one of the more than 37 thousand prizes per series that this draw gives.


Child´s Lottery Prize Statistics



What have been the most repeated numbers in the Lotería del Niño?

Although no one can predict luck, so the statistics vary according to the completion of each draw, so far the National Lottery data shows that the ending 20 has been the one that has had the most appearances historically, followed by 31. On two occasions, in 1922 and 2002, the ending 320 was repeated, and the ending 22 was the only one to be repeated for three years: 1953, 1990 and 1998. Likewise, it is concluded that the one-digit ending that has been repeated the most has been the number 0, other numbers like 7 and 9 also have multiple appearances. The one that has not been so Lucky is the number 3, which has become the less fortunate completion of this draw. Throughout the draw, the first prize of ´El Niño´ has mostly ended in an even number.


Where is the Lotería del Niño (Child´s Lottery) more popular?

The cities that have benefited the most from ´El Niño´ are Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Bilbao; the first two top the list of locations that have historically received the most prizes. The Lottery of the Child gives a first prize of 200,000 euros on per Lottery Ticket (tenth), a second prize of 75,000 euros on per Lottery Ticket (tenth) and a third prize of 25,000 euros. Although those three are presented as Grand Lotto Prizes, this draw delivers more than 37,000 bonuses per serie.


What is the probability to win the ´El Niño´ Child´s Lottery Draw prize?

The probability of winning any of the Child Lottery prizes is greater than that of winning in the Christmas Lottery Draw, specifically 23,804 more numbers are awarded in the first than in the second. Child´s Draw ´El Niño´ allocates almost 30% of the distribution of prizes to reimbursements, which is why the probabilities become greater.

As you know, each Lottery Ticket (tenth) of the Child´s Lottery / Three Wise Men Lottery has a value of €20 and, being one of the most popular draws, Lottery Tickets (tenths) are usually highly valued. The Lottery Tickets (tenths) for the Child´s Lottery Draw are available from November and their sale is enabled up to two hours before the Draw takes place on January 6th, 2021. You can purchase your Lottery Tickets (tenths) in any of our digital platforms, our system is enabled to determine the availability of your number. If your Lottery Ticket (tenth) is a winner, you have 90 days to redeem your prize, otherwise it may expire. Remember to check the social networks of La Bruja de Oro to receive the latest updates on this and all our Lottery draws.



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