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Reduced Quiniela 1X2: How to play, Price and Prizes


What is a Reduced Pool?


The Quiniela Reducida (Reduced Quiniela Pool) is a mechanism through which you can play a number of doubles and triples for a much lower amount than it would cost to play them in direct mode.

For example, playing 4 live triples costs a total of 81 bets (60.75 euros) and playing them in a reduced to 13 costs 9 bets (6.75 euros). The nine bets of the reduced form a combination that ensures that at least three of the four predictions will be successful, the results that come out and, in addition, there are probabilities of correcting all four.

In the popular reduced ticket we have the development of each reduction, while if we see that of the 4 triples we have the following 9 bets:


                                           Quiniela Reducida Futbol Table


Playing these 9 bets in four triple games we will always have at least three successful results. In addition, we will have all four hits if the results of one of the nine bets appear.

There are also other reductions to play different numbers of triples and / or doubles.


How to play the reduced 1x2 pool?

At you can play your Reduced Quiniela Pool directly from the web with the same operation as the popular reduced ticket. You only have to enter the section of La Quiniela by The Golden Witch and by the time you fill in your forecast just click on the REDUCED button.


              Quiniela Reducida Football Forecasts


When you click on the reduced button you will see that the REDUCTIONS AVAILABLE are showing up. Follow the steps indicated and your Reduced Quiniela Pool will be validated and sent to the The Golden Witch Lottery Office.


We wish you the best of Luck!




How do the reduced pools?


Types of reduced pools and their prices





Reducción 1:

4 triples, 9 apuestas


Reducción 2:

7 dobles, 16 apuestas


Reducción 3:

3 dobles + 3 triples


Reducción 4:

2 triples + 6 dobles


Reducción 5:

8 triples, 81 apuestas


Reducción 6:

11 dobles, 132 apuestas



Reduced pool prizes

In La Quiniela 55% of the proceeds go to the distribution of prizes. The pot is distributed in 5 categories, in addition to the full of 15. If several winners are presented in one category, the prize would be divided equally between the winners.

The special category of 14 hits + full at 15 has 7.5% of the takings. The other prizes are divided into the categories according to the number of correct predictions:





1ª categoría:

14 aciertos

16 %

2ª categoría:

13 aciertos:


3ª categoría:

12 aciertos:


4ª categoría:

11 aciertos:


5ª categoría:

10 aciertos:



Advantages of playing La Quiniela Reducida (Reduced Pool)

Authorized system regulated by the Spanish National State Lottery and Gambling resolution.
Count the bets with the highest viability to become successful, leaving out those with the lowest probability within your bet.
Guarantees the highest number of winning combinations of 14 and 13, provided that all the results from the general forecast are correct, at a lower cost.
They allow optimizing the probability - price ratio, opening the possibility of selecting several predictions for the same match, so reducing the final bet price.
Increase your chances of winning prizes in higher categories.

What is the best Reduced Quiniela Football Pool?

You can play different Reduced Quiniela Pools, there are reduced to 13 or reduced to 12. In general, some are not better than others because all fulfill their mission as long as the forecast is correct. In other words, the important thing is to decide on the appropriate forecast and then apply the reduction to it.

The Quiniela Pool Reduction will get you to play for less and will ensure a minimum prize. Normally a reduced to 13 offers a probability of 11.11% to ensure the 14. There are Reduced Quiniela Football Pools that happen to be offering more or less percentage, however this does not mean that they are better or worse, they fulfill their mission. Sometimes it is better to play a reduced to 12 and sometimes it is better to play 13, sometimes it is better to play with more percentages to 14 and sometimes it is better to play with less. It all depends on the composition of the Quiniela ticket of the day, somehow the more difficult the more it should be reduced, the important thing is to make an accurate forecast even if it is reduced to 10.


How to do the online La Quiniela Reduced Football Pool on La Bruja de Oro website / mobile App?

Playing La Quiniela Reduced Football Pool on The Golden Witch Official website is very easy. Join our online platforms with your user and click on Games / La Quiniela. The site will redirect you to the forecast table, look on the upper right hand side for the “Reduced” tab and then just click on it.

Select your forecasts for the next football sports day, in addition to the reduction modality that you want to use in your bets (at 12, 13, etc.). After your choice, our system will give you the most suitable combinations for your game. Remember that the Reduced La Quiniela Bet discards the columns with less probability of hitting, guaranteeing a minimum of hits of your general forecast. If you want to make any change to the proposal thrown by the system, you must develop it before validating the bet.


                                     Quiniela Reducida - Football Pool Results

We wish you the best of Luck!




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