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How to win the Child´s Lottery



How to win the Child´s Lottery


In the Child´s Lottery, almost 30% of the total prize is allocated to the distribution of the refunds, so there is a greater probability of having a prize from this draw than that of the Christmas Lottery. While in the Christmas Lottery 14,008 numbers are awarded among the 100,000 that enter the draw, in the Child´s Lottery the beneficiaries amount to 37,812. Taking these figures into account, we can conclude that the probability of winning in this draw is 7.82%, positioning itself above the chances in the Christmas Lottery Draw.


How to win the Child´s Lottery Jackpot Prize


Attract Good Luck

We know that there is no exact formula to win the Lotería del Niño, but superstitions to attract good luck are not lacking. Many people choose to reinvest the prize of the Christmas Jackpot in the Child´s Lottery in order to gather greater benefits, others have other traditions such as passing the Lottery Ticket (tenth) through the belly of a pregnant woman or the head of a bald man, but those who come to our facilities have his own ritual of Luck and here we tell you about it. As you know, The Golden Witch was born in Sort, Catalonia, Spain. ´Sort´ means ´Luck´ in the catalan language.

Many people come to rub their Lottery Tickets (tenths) on the nose and broom of The Golden Witch in the facilities at our Lottery Office in Sort, in the pursuit of Good Luck. Other people may also choose to let their wishes on our Christmas tree in order to call out for Good Luck. We do love any of these traditions! However, in order to win the Lotería del Niño (Child´s Lottery), the first step is buying your Lottery Tickets (tenths)! And remember to play with responsibility.


Where can I buy my Lottery Tickets (tenths)?

Remember that, in addition to being able to acquire your Lottery Tickets (tenths) at our physical point of sale, they are also available online. You may join the Official website of La Bruja de Oro or download the mobile App in order to select how many Lottery Tickets (tenths) you wish to participate to win one of the thousands of prizes handed out by the Child´s Lottery (Lotería del Niño). On our online platforms you can find all the information necessary in order to buy your Lottery Tickets (tenths), however if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us on our social networks or by Customer Service at 973 62 12 42.


Is a physical Lottery Ticket (tenth) the same as a digital Lottery Ticket (tenth)?

Yes, both have the same validity. If you want to acquire a physical Lottery Ticket (tenth), enter our platforms and complete the request so that we can send it to the address of your preference in 24 to 48 hours. Keep in mind that in this mode, in addition to the charge of €20 per Lottery Ticket (tenth), there will be an additional charge for shipping of €11 in the peninsula and the Balearic Islands and €19 for the Canary Islands. For its part, the digital Lottery Tickets (tenths) are deposited in your name in our administration, we will send you an electronic receipt to the email you indicate and it will also be registered in your virtual account of La Bruja de Oro.


How much could I win playing the Child´s Lottery?


How much could I win by playing the Child´s Lottery


The Child´s Lottery distributes 700 MILLION EUROS IN PRIZES! The Lottery Tickets (tenths) of this lottery are on sale from November until two hours before the draw takes place on January 6. Thus, with the arrival of the Three Wise Men, families also await the celebration of this draw that delivers more than 37 thousand prizes per series. The first prize gets 200,000 euros to the Lottery Ticket (tenth), the second takes 75,000 euros and the third receives 25,000 euros. Each Lottery Ticket (tenth) is a new opportunity that can bring you closer to any of these prizes, being one of the most anticipated draws, Lottery Tickets (tenths) are usually highly valued, that is why from The Three Wise Men we advise you to buy your number as soon as they go on sale.


What if the Lottery Ticket (tenth) I wish is not available?

Being the second most important draw of the National Lottery, the Lottery Tickets (tenths) of the Lotería del Niño are usually highly valued. At La Bruja de Oro we enable the Lottery Tickets (tenths) search system so that you can check the availability of your number, if it is not available our system will give you the combinations closest to your first choice. Join any of our online platforms and buy your Lottery Ticket (tenth) for €20 to participate in this draw.


Best of Luck to everyone!




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