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The thrill of sharing your LUCK


We will compare this section with a skylight. As you know, the skylights give light to millions of ants, but it is necessary to know (and accept) that if you give light you will be the most seen and the most observed one of all, and that carries risks, because there are many snakes and worms that cannot stand that you are able to shine at night. When this happens to you, keep doing your best and you will shine even brighter.


The more your light bothers, the brighter you will become.

The more you shine, the more success you will be achieving. The logical thing would be that you could share your light, your LUCK, by organizing a party (but only after a few months have passed since the prize and the euphoria, the time necessary to prevent any snake from infiltrating your healthy and happy joy). The natural thing should be that success could be shared as a sweet. But why can someone make your sweet sour? You must share your LUCK (sweet), but with big care. If you know who to share it with, you will be more than happy.

If you are a person who had LUCK, it means that you did something to have it. And logically, you are aware that not all your loved ones and friends possess that fortune. Therefore, not all of them will like you to share your LUCK.


LUCK is like a plant. You have to know how and when to water it so that it is filled with flowers (or prizes).


LUCK must be watered every week, because every week there is a Draw. If you play sporadically, the plant (your LUCK) and its fruit will also be sporadic. Be insistent and faithful: you will win and you will also be happy sharing your LUCK. It is not necessary to know personally who you favor, you just need to know that the prizes can be better distributed by you than by the government of the moment. You will always find a way to share. Without going any further, the benefits of this book, which are in principle  8,000€, will be donated to La Bruja de Oro Foundation, to which we will also allocate all the subsequent profits from further sales of the book. This and many other things are what (according to the possibilities of each one) we must know how to do it. The best and the most beautiful thing is that you can decide: ´I want to give this, for that or that over there´. And once you have shared your LUCK (bright or sweet), you will then realize that you have won twice; Right next to your plant another root has been born, free and without any effort. Thank you from the heart for contributing upon buying this book.


Sharing LUCK by winning the Lottery

Due to the attitudes that unfortunately define most humans (fears, envies, and greed), many winners of the Lottery prefer that only the Lottery Manager knows about their Luck. At least in our case, I have been told by people who I do not know who they are: ´Thank you, this Lottery ticket (tenth) won the Jackpot, my family has solved their economic problems. My debts are long gone. The house is already acquired and fully paid off´.

And why do they tell us? In our case, trust is well deserved after twenty-two years of knowing how to silence what is difficult for others. But they also trust us because we share a joy that in their case they do not know with whom to share. In fact, those who cannot bear it and share their illusion (LUCK, bright or sweet) with the neighbor may end up paying it dearly (or cheaply): they may discover that the friend was not a friend or that the enemy was not so much of an enemy.


How to share a Prize

Once the LUCK of the prize comes along, it is convenient to take into account three tips, which can be followed depending on the amount won:


Up to 50,000 euros: you shall choose friends and those who seem like it and, after a thoughtful selection of all the people you know, you should invite them to a dinner in the most original and beautiful place, either by the fir trees or together to the sea, where a baptism has never been celebrated, much less a wedding. Set up a dance with people from Kenya or Tanzania, and hire about five or six party musicians from Cuba. The end of the party can be watching the sunrise with a Don Perignon and a Somontano red wine, just to give you an example. In short, accompanied by excellent drinks in order to create an ideal atmosphere and always remember such occasion as something very special. I recommend that the food is of the highest quality and that the guests do know what they are eating at all times. The table and every corner of the garden should be decorated with flowers and they should all be of the same color: yellow! (For example, since the tulip brings LUCK.)


From 50,001 to 500,000 euros: in this case, it is about making a selection, for the time necessary to digest the prize, of the closest people, and take them for ten intense days to feel the aromas of Asian luxury, where they should not be missing expensive perfumes, where you have to forget that life has an end, as much as it is glorious. These friends should be made to live the most incredible moments, introducing them to well-organized luxury so that they have an experience that is unlike anything they have ever lived before. You ought to make them enjoy what they have never dreamed of yet. For example, you might make daily trips by private helicopters charter, to take them over the peaks, snowfalls, and to reach unprecedented corners, attend unexpected performances, taste exclusive wild foods and enjoy an atmosphere of tranquility Accompanied by one of the best cigars, such as Solomon, and a cognac such as ´Larios 1866´. Waking up your friends daily during those days should be like floating among clouds, seeing that all their dreams are linked between day and night. Your goal is the enjoyment of friends!


From 500,001 to 5 million euros: this amount will even allow you to pay outstanding bills, if you have them. Perhaps you keep one of those "friends" who have made you have a very bad time in the past and who has behaved towards you like a cynic, a fake, a hypocrite, a traitor and a coward. If so, now it is the time to answer back with vigor. As a head start you could invite him in a good mood so as not to raise any suspicions. For example, you could organize a three-day trip to New York. So you will travel in a private jet, a real dream floating in the air equipped with the most luxurious setting. A helicopter will meet you at the airport and take you directly to a luxurious hotel located in midtown Manhattan. You will stay in a large suite. You can enjoy a bath and then you can go for a limousine tour around the city. The idea is that the "friend" dies of envy. At dinner, you will go to the best restaurant in the city. After the waiter has brought the menu to choose from, you will get up and say to him: "Sorry, this trip is over and so is dinner. I have to urgently go out to attend to my real friends. Upon leaving, if you want, you have a taxi waiting for you that will pick you up to the airport, where you can fly on a regular airline which will take you to Madrid.

Your ex-friend will have known the pleasure as if it was a flashing lottery. At that moment, he will realize about the attitude that he had up until that moment. Perhaps the reader is thinking that doing this to a bad friend is not right, however, perhaps they should also consider that what a big caliber twit is capable of, so it well deserves a fleeting lottery! That is to say, the one that is seen, but does not last, because neither time nor pleasure want to remain in its nefarious and negative radius of action.



Chapter 8 of the Book ´The 13 Keys to Luck´ by Xavi Gabriel

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