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How to play Euromillions?


It takes place every Tuesday and Friday at 9:00 p.m. You can make 5 simple bets / column on each ticket, each worth 2.50€, in each you have to select a minimum of 5 numbers (from 1 to 50) at the top, and two stars (from 1 to 12 ) in the bottom box.
To select the numbers of each bet you can do it either randomly at La Bruja de Oro Official Website.
There are two types of bets:
- Simple bets: When you select the 5 numbers and the 2 stars.
- Multiple bets: When you select more than 5 numbers (up to 10) or more than 2 stars (up to 5) in each bet / column. The amount of the bet will vary according to the number of combinations marked.

Euromillions Jackpots are always over 17 Million Euros and the maximum they can reach is 190 Million Euros.

You have a prize if you hit:
- 2 or more numbers.
- 1 numbers and 2 stars at least.
- If you hit the code of El Millón.
- If you hit the code of the Rain of Millions.

In addition to playing Euromillions there is also the draw of the Million and the Rain of millions. You can win 1 Million Euros with El Millón in Spain. It is a code of 3 letters and 5 numbers.
The prize with the Rain of millions is made out of 25 prizes of 1 Million euros. However, the rains of the Rain of millions are not regular as with El Millón, but the dates of these draws are decided by the different Lotteries in each country.



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