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Do not take the call of Luck in vain


Do not take the ´Luck´ call in vain


With unlimited optimism, do not doubt that, no matter how much you hide in the thickest forest, because ´Luck´ will find you no matter what. You can achieve it by the hand of El Gordo de Navidad (Christmas Lottery Jackpot, also known as ´The Fat One´ in Spanish National Lottery), although it is most likely to do it in the field of business or simply a positive result in a project of any kind (not always directly related to money). The first thing you should do before the call of ´Luck´ is enjoying it. Although the most important thing is not to take that call in vain.


You will honor your own ´Luck´

You must honor your own ´Luck´, and you must do it with all your might. You have to feel lucky, but not for having ´Luck´, but for having followed your intuition, your instinct, perhaps your common sense.

If the most important thing for self-esteem is to believe in yourself, and one of the greatest joys is that you win the lottery, we cannot spoil that moment arguing that it has been a matter of chance and nothing else.


´Luck´ is pursued, it is sought just like the precious stones in the waters of the Caroní river, in the heart of the Amazon.


Merchandising La Bruja de Oro


I know perfectly well that you, reader friend, will have heard more than once and twice about me, about that guy who handed out the Lottery Jackpot and took advantage of the opportunity to buy more and more numbers, to the point that he is now more likely than anyone else to hand out more big Prizes over and over again. First of all, let me tell you that up to this day I have not asked my wife whether I have won the Lottery or not. However, I have the feeling that I happen to be winning the Lottery every day because I realize that ´Luck´, if pursued it is actually achieved. And if you do not look for it but it finds you, you have to be the one to take the initiative. Taking it leaves calluses on the hands and irreversible traces on the cerebellum. Having said that, I have to clarify that, although The Golden Witch has a higher probability of distributing a large Prize than any other Lottery Office. Remarkable Prizes use to continue to be hit every year. Such fact goes far beyond ´Luck´ (in the one that I do not think to be so.) It means that my intuition when betting on certain numbers works better than ever thanks to my optimism and the enthusiasm with which I do it.


Pay attention to your intuition

If you hit the Lottery, it is because one day you went shopping and chose that number that you liked very much or very little. Or maybe not at all. You may not want to pick the number by yourself, you may have asked for the seller to do it. Then you might think: ´That was indeed Luck´. Well, neither because you also listened to your instinct, which told you that the Lottery seller´s intuition was worth trusting.

In my case, intuitions are constant, abundant and generally fun. In our Lottery business, one of our first intuitions ended up the best possible way, and it made us laugh like amazing. Back in 1985, I was seeking for a number that people from Barcelona would buy when they were visiting around my region. The only number that came up to my mind that could have a relationship with the Catalan capital and that had five figures was a postal code. I took a look at the address from a friend of mine whom I had known since I was sixteen. At that time, thirty-five years ago, I dare to say that he was the only friend I had in Barcelona. We had not seen each other in a long time, but fortunately I kept his address and therefore his postal code. So I had found the solution. ´Fantastic!´ I yelled. I immediately telephoned the Spanish National Lottery hub in Madrid and requested the 08.036 as a fixed number throughout the year for my Lottery Office. Minutes later, I realized that in Barcelona there are about fifty different postal codes besides the one I picked. All in all, I remained faithful to my intuition and noticed that the postal code, which in this case belonged to a part of a main Avenue called Diagonal and the Eixample neighbourhood, was large enough for the number to become remarkable. I had no problem acquiring all the ´series´ of that number, since most Lottery Offices generally avoid Lottery tickets (tenths) that begin with zero and, in this case, had two zeros.

On January 6, 1994, 08.036 was the number one winner with the first Jackpot in the Children´s Draw, our first Grand Prize! Precisely, many of the millions that we handed out fell in my mother´s town, Figuerola d´Orcau, where I used to spend summer time as a child. When the journalists asked me if it was the highest Lottery Prize that my Lottery Office had given, I answered no, that, this was the smallest Lottery Prize that we were going to get thereafter.


Do not let the Good Luck sleep. You deserve to enjoy it!

I did not take the ´Luck´ call in vain, because, after all, I was fighting tirelessly, taking advantage of the social and the media repercussion of the Prize, creating merchandising and extending the brand to the maximum potential to prevent it from falling into oblivion. In short, I was taking advantage of the free advertising provided by all the media, disclosing that the name of our town, Sort, means ´Luck´ in the Catalan language. I did all this along (and I still do it today) with the most diverse and transgressive attitudes, which years later were considered marketing strategies. For me, marketing is simply selling what is easy, doing what is difficult and daring to face the precipice. In other words, act with aggressiveness and decision.


If you happen to be buying Lottery, you shall trust your instinct, just as you should if you bought, for example, a truck. Maybe your friends think you do not need it, that you may have lost your mind because it turns out that you do not even have a license to drive it. But if your instinct tells you that you need a truck, how can you not buy it? Who knows if it will not become the first one in a large fleet, if you will not end up taking out the license to drive trucks and you will become so competitive that you will found a great company, the largest in your city, in your country, in the world! Maybe it is exaggerated, and it may be, but if you set up a business, a company, a store or a restaurant, you must be convinced that you have embarked in the best project in the world, because it is the only formula for your business to become successful. If you believe that you have the best project and you want it to remain that way, you will not stop investing, improving, innovating, even transgressing, with the aim of always being the first. And when I say ´the first´, I am not saying ´the best´.


Fight to be the first. If you have time, you will already fight to be the best.

So, do not miss the opportunity. If you have had what others call ´Luck´, do not take the opportunity in vain and take advantage of your new situation while continuing to believe in your intuition. With courage and acting at the right time (which should be chosen by you, not by the experts), everything is simpler than it seems.



Chapter 10 of the Book ´The 13 keys to Luck´ by Xavi Gabriel


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