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Emprendedores magazine interview clip


If you are optimistic, you will always have GOOD LUCK

Emprendedores Magazine - La Bruja de Oro - Xavi Gabriel

There is no good luck, but luck worked.



Clip from the interview from Entrepreneurs Magazine of October 2019 to Xavi Gabriel by Isabel García Méndez.



Chance, fortune, destiny, luck ... Whatever it is called, luck plays a role in business. The question is, can you work? One of the greatest experts in chance answers us. And, already put, we take the opportunity to talk to him about marketing, innovation and creativity.


Well done work is called luck, as the saying goes. And it is true. But it is also true that this "cause or force that supposedly determines that unforeseen events and circumstances are developed in one way or another", as the RAE (Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy) defines luck, it means that it actually exists. And in business sometimes decisively. For this reason, we have turned to someone who knows very well what it consists of and how to work it out, since he has made a living out of chance for 33 years. He is Xavier Gabriel, owner of one of the most famous lottery office nationally and internationally, La Bruja de Oro, founded in 1986.


So we go on:

"Luck (good or bad) is the adjective that we give to this magic word used without realizing it daily by all humans. To the simplest comment, we add the little word. For example: it is no longer raining, we have been lucky. The wind has broken that beautiful rose bush, what bad luck .... Obviously it is not bad luck that one day the wind breaks our rose bush. We simply look for a word to qualify what happened and that word is luck. In the case of the lottery it is used a lot: you have been lucky! Sorry? It was not good luck, but rather luck caused by having the will to play: going to The Golden Witch office, log on their social networks, or on  in order to acquire their lottery tickets (tenths in spanish). In the same way, when you buy one and it does not turn to be the lucky one, it is not bad luck, you have simply acquired a number that this time has not had a “prize”. Luck is just a word that we happen to be using to rate the outcome of any action."


Entrepreneurs. So, according to you, what is luck all about?

Xavi Gabriel. One thing that does not exist like luck has only one mission: to be a positive word. So that is what luck is all about, being positive.


Emp. Can you attract good luck?

X.G. Good luck is the one that is worked hard. No one can or should claim to have good luck without putting a lot of work in. In any case, when you happen to be accepting bad things as bad means, you are already adding the right path to it, because regarding such "luck" that you value as logical or normal, you are already adding an extra value.


Emp. How to work your luck then?

X.G. Adding optimism to your body, surroundings and especially your brain. The so-called quartet of luck and happiness (endorphin, serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin) will always serve as a supplement and aid towards the human body, especially to cut mental stress down. There are even those who say, and I believe it, that it also works just fine for physical stress. In some way, luck is a name that helps us to summarize almost always what we are not able to understand.


Emp. What factors are into play when it comes to luck?

X.G. The main one is to be willing to play: if you play you have a good time because any game in the world has been invented to amuse, and the result is based upon winners and losers. Whenever you work having a good time, that job becomes a game and that game which satisfies you will actually make you do your job well, and when a job is well done you only see it with a smile and described as luck, but the reality is that you have worked with enthusiasm, with desire and it went out well. You have not had good luck, but working luck.


Emp. Is there a tool that we may use to become luckier?

X.G. Being luckier will always depend on our predisposition, attitude, knowing how to lose in order to learn how to win, but our mood will always be above such tools. If you work with amusement, satisfaction and pleasure, you will not only win dominoes, but you will also be happy during working hours. It is about having a positive attitude and being predisposed to dedicate effort, creativity, originality and accepting the most difficult outcomes. That said, it is as important in the game of luck to accept losing when things are not done the right way.


Emp. Can bad luck be avoided?

X.G. The first step is all about learning to value everything that this world has given us, knowing how to appreciate and enjoy a sunny or rainy day. With this behavior we are driving away bad luck, and in the worst case we will have lived happily one more day. Negativity is a bad counselor, you must eliminate it from your life.




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