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When are the Lottery draws coming back?

When are the Lottery draws coming back?

Since March 15, State Lottery and Gambling has paralyzed the sale and holding of all raffles due to the situation we are experiencing due to the Coronavirus. There is already a plan to return to normality and restart the pending draws for EuroMillions, La Primitiva, Bonoloto and the National Lottery.

Apart from knowing the dates when the draws will return, you must also know what will happen to all the draws that were sold, but they did not take place on their corresponding dates, remaining paralyzed.

When is the lottery coming back on sale?

After almost two months, the Spanish National State Lottery (SELAE) plans to begin with La Primitiva and EuroMillions draws for sale starting on Monday, May 18 or Thursday, May 21, and different dates for the celebration to resume of the draws depending on the evolution of the de-escalation process in the Spanish territory.

Reopening on May 18

If on Saturday May 16 at least 72% of the lottery points of sale in Spanish territory are in phase 1, the opening would take place on May 18 and the sale of tickets for the raffles may be carried out.

Given this case, it is planned that in the week of May 18 to 24 it will be possible to hold the La Primitiva and EuroMillions draws, the Bonoloto and Gordo de La Primitiva draws could be restarted the corresponding week from May 25 to 31.

If the necessary conditions are not met to proceed with the reopening on May 18, a second plan is to be suggested by SELAE.

Reopening on May 21

If on Saturday, May 16, some of the territories are not passed to Phase 1, the reopening will be on May 21, in order to start the sale of tickets, with the exception of the Euromillions draw, which would start on day 23 of May. Given this case, the celebrations of all the draws could start on May 25.

If everything goes according to plan according to SELAE, La Bruja de Oro will enable the sale from May 25.

When will the National Lottery draws resume?

If everything goes according to the plan set up by SELAE (State Society of State Lotteries and Gambling), the National Lottery will go on sale the day the sale of the rest of the games begins and the pending draws of the national lottery may be resumed from from June 11, 2020 and will correspond to the draw that was to be held on March 19.

National Father"s Day Lottery Draw

The Father"s Day National Lottery draw was planned for its celebration on March 12, but as a result of COVID and the establishment of the state of alarm was postponed, it will be held next Saturday, June 13.


We will re-open on Monday 25th of May.

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