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The National Christmas Lottery is one of the most anticipated Draws of the year, it represents one of the most popular events in the country. Year after year, with great enthusiasm, thousands and thousands of people use to acquire their Lottery tickets (tenths) at La Bruja de Oro to become one of the Lucky ones of the great amounts that the Christmas Lottery distributes.


Play Christmas Lottery Drawing Online with La Bruja de Oro 

The Golden Witch is the Number 1 National Lottery Office in Europe. Giving out great prizes every year, last year in the 2019 Christmas Lottery we hit three prizes; the second Prize worth 125,000€ each Lottery ticket (tenth); the third Prize worth 50,000€ each Lottery ticket (tenth), and the fifth Prize worth 6,000€ each Lottery ticket (tenth). We are very excited to see the magic that this 2020 will bring to us!

If you want to save yourself long cues, you can purchase your Lottery tickets (tenths) from the comfort of your home on our Official website. We want you to become part of The Golden Witch community and to increase your chances of winning, that is why we also enable the purchase via our mobile App available for Android and iOS. If, in any case, you would rather acquire your Lottery tickets (tenths) and “series” as a Home Lottery shipping, all you have to do is filling out our application form and we will send them to your home in 24h-48h. Share the hope of the Christmas Lottery with The Golden Witch, access our platforms and get your Lucky number!


How to play on the Christmas Lottery?

In order to participate in the National Christmas Lottery Draw you must choose which Lottery ticket (tenth) or series you want to play. The Lottery ticket (tenth) corresponds to the minimum unit of the Draw, one tenth of the ticket. The 10 tenths form a complete ticket with the same number and the same series. Each 10 Lottery ticket (tenth) set known in Spain as serie corresponds to the total number of tickets bearing the same number. The prizes are distributed among the 1,807 prizes that are extracted from the hype when the official draw for the Christmas Lottery is held. Currently 170 million tenths are issued and the prizes are distributed among the 1,807 prizes that are extracted from the hype.


Price of the tenths of the Christmas Lottery

Each Christmas Lottery ticket (tenth) has a value of 20€, in the event that you want to purchase a series or ticket the Official figure would rise to 200€ for being 10 tenths.


Where to buy tenths of the Christmas Lottery

You can purchase your Lottery tickets (tenths) from the Christmas Lottery on our website by on ´Games´. Also from our mobile App "La Bruja de Oro" which is available on the App Store and Google Play.


When does the Draw for the Christmas Gordo take place?

As every year, the Spanish National State Lottery has scheduled the Official appointment to celebrate the Draw on December 22 from the Teatro Real (Royal Theater) in Madrid. The ceremony begins at 8:30 a.m. and lasts approximately 4 hours.


We wish you the Best of Luck!




Christmas Lottery Frequently Asked Questions


Where to see the Christmas Lottery Draw?

You can follow the information on all our digital platforms. The Golden Witch works hard to keep the data as up to date as possible as the Draw takes place on December 22nd. If you also want to see the draw in-live you can follow it on the transmission of National Lottery and Betting on TV.


How to claim a Christmas Lottery Prize?

We love delivering Lottery Prizes all over the place! Please access ´Account Management´ on our Official website and then go to the ´Collect Prize´ section. Fill in your complete details and the IBAN of your bank account so that we can send the Prize to you. May you have any queries, please do not hesitate to put in touch with us either by filling the form available on our website, the mobile App or by telephone (+34 - 973 62 12 42). La Bruja de Oro will be happy to answer all your questions.


When do the Christmas Lottery prizes expire?

The last day to collect your Prizes is March 22nd, actually three months after a Draw took place. To avoid missing important details of the Draw, please follow us on our website, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or download our App to notify you about the updated results of the winning Jackpots.


Do I have to pay tax on the Christmas Lottery Prizes?

All prizes that exceed 40,000€ will have a 20% retention, as determined by the Spanish Tax Agency. Prizes below this figure will be exempt from tax payment to the Treasury.


How many Christmas Lottery tickets (tenthsare there for each number?

A ´tenth´ is the nomenclature used in the National Spanish Lottery referring to a single Lottery ticket, each ´tenth´ come in a set of 10 tickets known as ´serie´, such ´serie´ array is a single sheet. A set of the Spanish National State Lottery is issued with a total of 172 ´series´. There are a total of 100,000 numbers in the hype which means 1,720 Lottery tickets (tenths) of every number available for such Draw.


Can I collect a Christmas Lottery prize with a Lottery ticket (tenth) broken apart or damaged?

By official regulations, if your Lottery ticket (tenth) is damaged you must take it to an Official Lottery Office so that we can send it to the Spanish National State Lotteries for review. After the evaluation for the department, the payment of the tenth will be determined if it is considered to be appropriate. If, in any case, the validity of the Lottery ticket (tenth) is questioned, it will be sent to the National Coin and Stamp Factory for a further verification inspection.


We wish you the Best of Luck!



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