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How does The Golden Witch Lottery for Corporations work?

This service at The Golden Witch is especially aimed at companies, it allows co-workers to share the hope of playing the National Lottery through a quick and simple set up. We know that organizing the collection to acquire the Lottery Tickets (tenths) can often become a cumbersome process, that is why we design three different modalities so that you choose the best option for your Company. The only thing you will have to worry about is enjoying the Draw and waiting for the Lottery Ticket (tenth) winners to be announced.


Christmas Lottery Management Service for Companies

The Christmas Lottery is one of the most expected draws nationally and internationally, and year after year thousands of prizes are handed out across Spain. At La Bruja de Oro we want the enthusiasm of every Lottery Ticket (tenth) to be shared in all areas of life, that is why we have designed a system based upon your workspace with a management service for the Christmas Lottery for Companies.

We offer three modalities, where entities can choose the one that best suits their needs; from giving all management to the hands of The Golden Witch, or having Lottery Tickets (tenths) with personalized designs, to booking Lottery Tickets (tenths) and organizing internally the collection of money.


At The Golden Witch we have designed the following three modalities so that corporations can play the National Lottery:


Mode 1:

If you wish to book Lottery for your Company, access the contact form and fill in the requested information on the platform so you can sign up. Type down on the form how many Lottery Tickets (tenths) to be acquired and then send your request. In this modality the company will be in charge of collecting the money and wire it to us at La Bruja de Oro, our team will be in charge of sending the Lottery Tickets (tenths) straight to your enterprise, beyond 100 Lottery Tickets (tenths), shipping becomes free. In the event that your Lottery Ticket (tenth) becomes the winner, the company will be in charge of handing out the prizes.


Mode 2:

By means of our contact form, the company may request registration at The Golden Witch via email / telephone or fax and thus obtain an ´access code´. This combination will allow the employees from your enterprise or anyone with the ´access code´ to acquire Lottery Tickets (tenths) right on our website, making the secure payment without extra expenses. This way, your corporation will not have to worry about gathering money for the Lottery Tickets (tenths). Our system will retrieve all the necessary information and build up a list of buyers / Lottery Tickets (tenths) to be sent to your company. If they exceed beyond 100 Lottery Tickets (tenths) they will then be sent free of charge. The distribution of prizes will be in charge of your company.


Mode 3:

In this modality, after signing up on The Golden Witch, the company or association may define how much is the amount of each ´participation´ in Lottery Tickets (tenths). For example, if the Lottery Tickets (tenths) of the Christmas Lottery, which have a value of 20€ each, the company may define the amount stipulated for each ´participation´ (5€, 10€, etc.). Thus, workers, customers or partners who own the access code may participate on our website as many times as they wish. The handing out of prizes is carried out automatically by The Golden Witch via our virtual platform.

Another characteristic of this modality is its personalized designs. Each company or association will have the ´participation´ of its Lottery Tickets (tenths) with its own design, La Bruja de Oro ensure that it is a completely personalized experience.


Advantages of using the Business Lottery service online

  • The Golden Witch is an Official SELAE point of sale with extensive experience in selling online Lottery for having been the pioneers in Spain in the 1990s.
  • We offer three modalities so you can choose which one best suits the needs of your company, so simplifying the internal organization upon playing in the Christmas Lottery Draw.
  • We give you the possibility of keeping the Lottery Tickets (tenths) in custody if you wish to make ´participations´ so that you do not have to worry about any management.
  • Comfort to place bets on a space designed exclusively for your coworkers.
  • Personalized attention on our digital platforms and telephone assistance.
  • Data protection and secure payment on a 100% reliable platform.
  • The Golden Witch is an Official point of sale of the Spanish National State Society of State Lotteries and Gambling.
  • The specialty of The Golden Witch is to hand out hope which is translated into Jackpots year after year.


How to buy Corporate Christmas Lottery?

If you already have your Company´s access code, enter it in the ´access code´ field so you can acquire the Lottery Tickets (tenths) by filling in your details. If your Company is not yet registered in La Bruja de Oro, do not worry, it is very easy, the person in charge must choose one of the 3 options detailed above in order to register your Company in the Christmas Lottery Draw and thereafter obtain the access code to be able to share it with people who happen to be wishing to participate.


How are the Business Lottery prizes handed out?

It will depend on the modality that your Company chooses. In the first modality, the entity will be in charge of distributing the Lottery Tickets (tenths) and winning prizes. In the second, The Golden Witch system will collect the information of those who acquire the Lottery Tickets (tenths), however your Company will still be in charge of distributing the prizes. In the third modality (participations), our system will manage the accounts where Christmas Lottery participations were acquired, and the prizes will be handed out directly to our virtual account of our registered participants on our Official website.


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