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La Primitiva

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La Primitiva is another of the games in which you can participate at The Golden Witch. At least 6 numbers shall be marked on the classic table from 1 to 49. If you wish to bet more numbers, you can choose the option of multiple bets. Furthermore, by betting on La Primitiva you have the possibility to increase your prize by 1€ more upon choosing to play the optional Joker bonus. The Draws for this bet are held on Thursday and Saturday, you can purchase the tickets for one day, for both, or even betting on the Draws that are held in two consecutive weeks. To win you will need to match at least 3 betting numbers.


Bet La Primitiva Online with The Golden Witch

We are very happy to know that you chose us for your bets! In order to bet La Primitiva with us, access our website/App and click on the "Games" option. Automatically, the board will pop up for you to choose the numbers with which you wish to place your bet. Remember that you can participate in daily Draws on Thursdays and Saturdays, or in the weekly set, which includes both days. Also, if you want to increase your chance of winning 1,000,000€ you can check the Joker box. At La Bruja de Oro we also show you the statistics of all the days so that you can consult the data and choose the best option for your bet.

The best of Luck to everyone!



How to play La Primitiva?

You will have to choose 6 numbers out of 49. You will have the possibility to make single or multiple bets. In simple bets you can play a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 8 numbers in the same Lottery ticket, in each bet you must mark the 6 numbers in the first block. In the event that you wish to play more than one, you must dial another 6 numbers in the second block, and so on. In multiple bets you can choose more than 6 numbers for your bet and mark them in the first block, the more numbers you add the higher the amount of your bet will become.

With every bet you make you will have the opportunity to play the Joker for 1€ more, increasing the possibility of receiving a Prize of up to 1,000,000€. If you want to participate you simply have to check this option when you place La Primitiva bet, you will be assigned a 7-digit code and you will automatically get the Draw.

In addition to having the possibility of matching 6 numbers in a column, in this Draw you can also participate with a complementary number and a refund. If you hit the refund you will be paid the Prize corresponding to the value of the bet played. You will have a Prize if you match a minimum of 3 numbers of the Draw.


Price of La Primitiva

Each column/bet has a value of 1€ in single bets. If you select 6 columns in 6 different blocks, their total amount will sum up 6€. The more numbers and columns you add, the higher the total bet will become, so more chances you will get for better Prizes. Remember that in simple bets you can make up to 8 bets and, if you want to increase your chance of winning up to 1 million euros, you can also check the “Joker” box for 1€ more per printed ticket.


Where to play La Primitiva

At La Bruja de Oro we like to innovate and stay close to you. That is the reason why in addition to the points of sale and our website, the option to purchase La Primitiva tickets is also enabled in our mobile App. It is a very friendly platform for our users, you can download it from Google Play or the App Store.


When is La Primitiva played? Drawings and Schedules

The Draws are held on every Thursday and Saturday at 9:40 p.m. Remember that in order to win a Prize at The Golden Witch with La Primitiva, you must match a minimum of 3 numbers. If your combination is a winner, you will have a maximum of 3 months to collect the Prize, otherwise your prize will expire.

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La Primitiva frequently asked questions

Where to see La Primitiva?

We keep our data updated on our online platforms, you can also check the winning combinations at the Official Selling Points/Offices. The public act uses to take place at the Draw Room of the Spanish Lottery and National State Betting, at Guzmán el Bueno street, 137 in Madrid.

How to claim a prize from La Primitiva?

It can be collected from our website/App on La Bruja de Oro. Login with your account and, as soon as you send us your personal and bank details, you will receive your Prize in approximately one to three days. Keep in mind that on more extraordinary dates, such as for the Christmas Draw or the Child’s Draw, due to the large influx of prizes it may take a few more days than usual to show up on your account.

When do the La Primitiva awards expire?

Like in all our Draws at La Bruja de Oro you must claim for your prize within 3 months, otherwise your winning combination will expire. If you have any queries regarding your bet, you can contact us by phone +34 - 973 62 12 42 or by filling out the form on our website, our team will be more than happy to answer all your questions.

Do I have to pay tax on La Primitiva prizes?

Lottery Prizes are exempt of taxes to the Treasury as long as their value is less than 40,000€. Amounts that are exceeded will be subject to a 20% tax payment due to the Spanish Law.

At what time do the sales of tenths of La Primitiva close?

The La Primitiva Draws are held on every Thursday and Saturday at 9:40 p.m., you can purchase your Lottery tickets before 6:00 p.m. on the same day on our website or mobile App.

The best of Luck to everyone!


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