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The soccer League is back, so is La Quiniela!


The last day of La Quiniela was 41 and was carried out with a draw due to Covid-19. The tickets for La Quiniela on June 14 are equivalent to matchday 42, and that of June 16 is matchday 43. Matches are played behind closed doors, although matches with reduced capacity may be played (still to be confirmed). The Football League will end in 11 days, with one day played in La Quiniela during the week, and the other at the weekend. Between June 11 and July 19 there will be matches every day.

La Quiniela is based on selecting the winners of the 14 matches of the soccer day. In addition to the result of the "plenary session at 15", in which to indicate that the first team (home team) will win, the sign "1", "2" for the second team (visiting team), an "X" if they forecast a tie, and with an “M” for 3 or more goals.


The different types of bets are: simple, multiple, conditioned or reduced.


Simple Bet

Choose the matches that you believe will be the winners of the 14 matches plus the exact result of the plenary session on the 15th, marking the result of that match including a possible extension.
You can choose up to 8 different tips for the first 14 matches or a combination of more tips for the 15 matches.
You can play Choose8 for 0.50€ with each bet. Select Choose8 and in addition to opting for the prizes of the same you will also opt for the usual La Quiniela. Choose8 you can choose it manually or automatically by the system.
If you want to make the same purchase in successive weeks or not.


Multiple bets

Of the three boxes 1, X, 2, you can mark two or three of the symbols to have more possibilities, especially in the games that you have doubts who is going to win. Participating with as many bets as possible results you have selected. In the Full to the 15, you can also mark two or three symbols.


Conditional bets

In case you wish a multiple bet with a lower amount, then you can mark the C in those matches where you think there will be variants, it is known as a variant when the result of the match becomes X or 2. Doing so cuts the price of La Quiniela down and at the same time you have the opportunity to select the ones that you think have the best chance of winning.


Reduced bets

In case you play the entire La Quiniela ticket in full, you can reduce the ticket price by selecting only a part of the multiple bets, reducing La Quiniela according to the number of multiples you have marked.

In La Quiniela 55% of the proceeds go to prizes. Which are distributed in:
* Special category: 14 hits plus the Full at 15: 7.5% of the collection.
* 1st category: 14 hits: 16% of the collection.
* 2nd category: 13 hits: 7.5% of the collection.
* 3rd category: 12 hits: 7.5% of the collection.
* 4th category: 11 hits: 7.5% of the collection.
* 5th category: 10 hits: 9% of the collection.


The Jackpot adds up for the following week in case there are no special category winners.

In case there were no first-rate winners, your prize would go to the jackpot the following week.

If there were no second-best winners, this award would be added to that of the third-best winners.

If neither of third, the prize would accumulate to those of fourth, and the same with those of fourth to fifth.

If there were no fifth-guesses either, the running total would be added to the Jackpot the following week.

If there were several winners in the same category, the prize would be shared equally between them.

In no case may a prize in a certain category be higher than a prize in a higher category. If this happened, the prize of both categories would be added and it would be divided equally between the winners of both.


La Quiniela represents one of the sports bets in our games, it has three game modes: simple, conditioned or reduced to 0.75€ each bet, you must make a minimum of 2 bets to participate. The draw will take place after the football days to which each bet is associated, La Quiniela allocates 55% of the proceeds to distribute prizes, distributing them in 5 categories plus the special category.


Play La Quiniela Online with The Golden Witch!

To play in this bet in The Golden Witch, you simply have to access our platform and in the "Games" section start making your predictions for the day. You can choose between a single bet, playing a minimum of 2 bets and a maximum of 8 on the same ticket, with a value of 0.75€, a multiple bet where you can choose more than 14 numbers in your bet and make multiple combinations and, within In this way, you can opt for a direct, reduced or conditioned bet. Remember that all our raffles are also available through our mobile application, The Golden Witch, available for Android and iOS. Download it and roll the ball towards your best sports bets.

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La Quiniela frequently asked questions

How to play La Quiniela?

To participate in La Quiniela, you must select the winner of 14 matches of the soccer day associated with the draw, in addition to the exact result of another sporting match (15 in total, “plenary session at 15”). If you consider that the first team will win the competition, mark "1", for the second team a "2" and in the event that you predict a tie, you must mark "X". If you forecast 3 or more goals for the "plenary session at 15" you must indicate it with an "M".

With each bet you make you will have the opportunity to play Choose8 for 0.50€ more for each bet, with this you will be eligible for prizes in the event of matching the 8 matches you choose, in addition to the usual La Quiniela matches.

Remember that La Quiniela conditional allows you to reduce the price of your multiple bets, discarding the improbable combinations of your predictions. To do this, you must choose among your multiple forecasts which ones you want to condition, prior to the final validation of your bet. You must indicate the number of variations that you think may occur and you will only play in bets containing that number. In the reduced multiple bet you play only a few bets by marking different combinations of doubles and triples with six different types of bets to play.

For more information regarding the modalities of La Quiniela you can contact us via social media, filling up the form available on our website, by the mobile App, or by phone at +34 973 62 12 42.

The Golden Witch will be happy to answer each of your queries.

How much does La Quiniela cost?

Each bet has a value of 0.75€ with a minimum of 2 bets, you compete for the day associated with the draw. Prize is obtained by matching at least the forecast of 10 matches among the first 14. If you also want to participate in Choose8, 0.50€ will be added to your final value for each bet you have made. Keep in mind that you will have the option to establish the same purchase for successive weeks. Prepare your best sports predictions and Write down the score of the best goal!

Where to play La Quiniela draw?

On La Bruja de Oro website we have the best draws, in order to participate in La Quiniela from our platform, you can either sign up with an E-Mail account or by Facebook. Although buying tickets on our website does not require registration, The Golden Witch would love you to become part of our community. Enter your data and access all the benefits. Remember that our draws are also available using our free mobile App which is available on the App Store and Google Play. Analyze the statistics and forecast your best score, we wish you the Best Luck! And just let the Championship begin!

How many hits must there be in La Quiniela?

To get the La Quiniela prizes in any of the 5 categories or full to 15, you must hit at least the forecast of the first 10 games out of the 14 played. According to Loterías y Apuestas del Estado (Spanish National State Lottery), if you happen to be performing La Quiniela in a random way, without taking into account your knowledge of football, you would approximately have 1 in 299 possibilities of hitting the 10 winning hits.

How to claim for La Quiniela prize?

If you make the purchase of your ticket through our digital platforms, and your forecasts in La Quiniela are winners, Congratulations! La Quiniela allocates 55% of the collection to the 5 categories and full to 15 set. Access your account in La Bruja de Oro, and in "Accounts Management" you can request your prize. Depending on the bank, your prize will appear in your account the same day, or two to three days after the draw.

We wish you the best of Luck!


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