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La Bruja de Oro / La Bruixa d’Or (it means The Golden Witch in the spanish / catalan language), is the leading lottery store (warehouse) in Spain. Also a brand of products regarding luck and hope. Founded by Xavi Gabriel in 1986. La Bruja de Oro has distributed a lot of hope and prizes year after year. Which add up to more than 3,000 million euros all accross Spain.

La Bruja de Oro has been a case study for several universities and business schools such as IESE and ESADE, collecting 33 awards to date including the National Marketing Award (awarded by Google as the first marketing company in Spain),... Due to the fact of finding out the formula on how to differentiate a brand by creating a Storytelling so unique and successful as La Bruja de Oro is.
The formula, for us, has been on the one hand, the story of hope around La Bruja de Oro, and on the other, to seek differentiation in added value to the product (service and merchandising).

In fact, La Bruja de Oro has continuously consolidated the existence of Sort in the Pyrenees. In addition, since the mid-1990s the influx of hundreds of thousands of people have discovered the cradle of La Bruja de Oro. With the consequent impact that tourism creates in the region, the constant and uninterrupted distribution of important awards has linked to this Famous lottery with luck, magic, illusion and hope.

Beyond geography, La Bruja de Oro has been characterized by its innovation, being a pioneer in the sale of national lottery online by the time there used to be barely 500 websites in Spain. Today, 87% of its activity is registered online.

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