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We are so happy to say that we are the leading National Lottery Office in Europe, one of the top selling Lottery tickets (tenths) and prizes distributed throughout the country. Since our foundation, in the town of Sort in 1986, we have delivered more than 3,000 million euros and have had the opportunity to distribute the Christmas Jackpot, also known as the El Gordo (The Fat One) and the Child´s Lottery on several occasions. La Bruja de Oro (The Golden Witch) likes to share her illusion, we are faithful believers that distributing Lottery represents illusion, dreams and joys for our community. The Golden Witch pioneered the sale of the lottery on the Internet in the mid-1990s, when in Spain there used to be only about 500 websites. A few years later, mobile applications with WAP technology came out, The Golden Witch also became the first to have it available, and so on. We innovate to improve and we work daily to offer a better service, seeking to meet the needs of our users.

We are very proud and satisfied that we have been awarded 34 prestigious awards, such as the National Marketing Award, the ESADEE” award, among others ... The Golden Witch has become, thanks to the preference of our community, case study in large educational entities such as Harvard University. Thanks to the management, Xavi Gabriel has been called to hold national and international conferences on Marketing and Storytelling.


Why betting the Lottery on The Golden Witch website?

With more than three billion euros distributed throughout Spain, at La Bruja de Oro we are concerned with encouraging safe and responsible gambling. We like to stay close to our community, we seek to always be at the forefront of technologies in order to provide comfort to our users. We are a company in which the values ​​of effort, work, honesty, perseverance and simplicity prevail, and we are excited to transmit them in our service. Join our community!


Advantages of buying Lottery Online on La Bruja de Oro

  • We are one of the Official Offices of the State Society of Lotteries and National Gambling of the State, in Spain.
  • Comfort in betting.
  • Entity with more than 30 years in the market.
  • Availability to purchase insured home shipping lottery which is going to be at your home between 24 hours to 48 hours.
  • User friendly website and application.
  • Constant updating of data on our digital platforms.
  • Lottery bookings for your entity, association or company.
  • Customer Support.

How to buy Lottery online on our website?

To use the services of our virtual platform, it is not essential to be registered in our system, although La Bruja de Oro would love to have your presence in our online community, and registering will give you greater comfort to place your bets or acquire the Lottery. Select the draw in which you want to participate, configure the selection of your numbers, register your data so that we get in touch in the event that your combination is a winner and call Good Luck to be one of the winners.


Use La Bruja de Oro App to buy Lottery

The Golden Witch seeks the comfort of its community, that is why we work daily to be in constant innovation. We want you to make your bets in the best way, we have always been the first to launch new products in the technological field. You can also download La Bruja de Oro App on your Android and iOS devices. We are the Lottery Office that distributes the biggest amount of prizes and Lottery tickets (tenths), we are very excited to have developed a friendly platform for our community with all bets within the same space. Search the application in the App Store or Google Play. Commit your Good Luck and start your bets!


We wish you the best of Luck!



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This portal only makes use of them in a merely identifying way that facilitates the selection and selection of the bettor.

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